Technology Consulting Services

Technology is a tool, not a solution.

Do you really need the latest widget or can you make better use of the one you’ve got? Before you plunk down megabucks on new systems and software, sit down with an ATG consultant and figure out what your association or non-profit really needs.

We’ll look at your current tools and processes, talk about what you’re trying to achieve, analyze the options and show you how to maximize your technology investment.

Why talk to ATG?
  • We’re experts in association and non-profit IT management. We learned the inner-workings of membership organizations first-hand. We understand the subtleties of leadership, workflow logistics, time and budgetary constraints, and the day-to-day impact of change on a busy staff.
  • We know what’s working (or not). ATG consultants have spent more than 20 years helping associations use technology successfully. We’re familiar with the full range of products, the scope and focus of the companies that offer them, and the people who can help us find the answers we need.
  • We’re not salespeople. ATG does not own or represent any product, service or company. Nobody here profits from promoting one tool over another, so there’s no sales agenda to worry about. You can trust us for honest, unbiased advice about how you can most effectively leverage technology to achieve your goals.
ATG Consulting Services
  • Association Management System (AMS) assessment/selection
  • Disaster recovery/continuity plans
  • Mobile app/responsive web strategies
  • Project management and implementation
  • Social media/online community development
  • Technology needs assessment, budget development, strategic planning
  • Tech services contract negotiation RFP development & review
  • Website development strategies