Mobile Responsive Web Design

Your most important information should be clearly visible whether viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or whatever new device comes on the market. The mobile revolution is moving fast — are you up to speed?
The New Web is here — and it’s on the move.

According to Comscore, more people now go online using mobile devices than desktop computers and the numbers are continuing to grow. The majority of your members, customers, supporters and prospects are (or will soon be) surfing the Web via Apple’s iOS (iPhone and iPads), Google Android phones, and tablets. When they visit your website, what will they see?

“We’re mobile-ready. Isn’t that enough?”

A “mobile-ready” website is a separate site designed to be viewed on a smartphone, but it doesn’t adapt for other devices. It also has to be managed separately, requiring more time and effort on your part. ATG websites are mobile-responsive — the page layout adjusts automatically to fit the screen, because we build device adaptability into the website’s structure.