Search Engine Optimization Services

If you build it, will your audience come? Only if every page of your website is optimized with the search terms customers are using to find you. That’s the mysterious, yet mandatory art of search engine optimization (SEO).
Context-Driven SEO

Search engine optimization is a multi-step process. Before we write a single word of code, ATG experts will spend time with you learning about:

  • Your organization’s mission, goals and target audiences
  • What you offer and how people search online for similar products, services and information
  • Your competition and how they rank in search results

That’s how we develop a list of keywords and search terms unique to your organization and the people you’re trying to reach.

We embed that taxonomy within the code, structure and content of your website – weaving a pervasive fabric of powerful SEO throughout every level and individual page.

Every SEO effort requires ongoing testing and maintenance. After your site is completed, ATG works with you to analyze and adjust your SEO terms and tactics, so that you can achieve high SEO rankings and maintain them over time.

Local SEO. For local businesses, and regional or community-based organizations, ATG also can populate your site with geographical information to ensure local visibility.

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