Stunning — Effective — Website Graphic Design

ATG makes your website pop. Our clean, cool and elegant website graphic design inspires your audience by simply telling your story — delivering a focused response and positive return through return visits and conversions.
Not Just Another Pretty Face

Good website graphic design is more than what you see on the screen. It goes deep into the architecture. Images are cropped for impact, tagged for SEO and carefully sized for optimum appearance and loading speed. Font sizes, colors, line spacing, column width backgrounds, etc. are selected for maximum readability. Every element on an ATG site is designed to create a clean and easy user experience. Content, images and calls to action are organized to create optimum visitor engagement and solid return on investment (ROI).

Build Your Brand — Full-Spectrum Design and Creative Content Services

ATG’s creative content team can provide comprehensive graphic design, copywriting and strategic marketing support for all of your online and print communications. Ask us how we can help reinforce your organization’s image (and make your job easier) with a cohesive, coordinated, visual brand, well-written copy and powerful marketing messages.

  • E-mail templates and banners
  • E-newsletters and marketing promotions
  • Video web ads and animations
  • Social media graphics (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Logos and icons
  • Brochures and catalogs
  • Annual reports
  • Postcards and other direct mail materials
  • Advertising and flyers
  • Exhibit booth graphics and signage
  • Meeting collaterals